Residents of Dungannon Workhouse, 1911

Residents of Dungannon Workhouse, 1911

It will be noted that ‘inmates’ full names are not recorded on the official census record taken in 1911, just their initials. The average age of the ‘inmates’ was forty-five, while the oldest resident was eighty-nine years of age. Just over one in every five ‘inmates’ were under the age of fifteen, replicating a trend in Dungannon workhouse which stretched back to the 1840s when children were amongst the most numerous in the house. Just over 52% of ‘inmates’ were male, with 48% female.


The religious breakdown of ‘inmates’ in Dungannon Workhouse in 1911, read as follows:

Roman Catholic105
Church of Ireland34


The former ‘occupations’ of workhouse ‘inmates’ in Dungannon in 1911 were:

Farm Labourer35
Farm Servant26
Linen Weaver9
Flax Spinner3
Servant Domestic3
Car Driver2
Stone Mason2
Domestic Servant2
Flax Scutcher2
Worker in Linen Factory2
Flax Dresser1
Worker in Flax Mill1
Chimney Sweep1
Fireman in Linen Factory1
School Teacher1
Coal Miner1
Flax Dealer1
Solicitors Clerk General1
Inter Classical1
Railway Shunter1
Labourer Farm1


The place of origin of the ‘inmates’ was naturally predominantly Tyrone, but did include a number of other counties in Ulster and elsewhere:

Co Tyrone127
Co Antrim5
Co Armagh4
Co Londonderry3
Co Down3
England, Liverpool2
Co Cavan2
Co Donegal1
Co Cork1
City Belfast1
Co Dublin1
Co Waterford1
Co Leitrim1
Co Derry1
Co Tipperary1


The following is a full list of ‘inmates in Dungannon Workhouse in 1911:


SurnameFirst NameAgeSexReligionPlace of OriginOccupation
FM79FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
McCJ68MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
MW J37MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McCS4FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
HM J65FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneServant Domestic
MM A25FemalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Servant
MW FemalePresbyterianCo TyroneInfant
LJ74MaleChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghFarm Labourer
McMW J72MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneCarpenter
McGP79MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
HH43MalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McAP70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
PS76MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneGardener
FJ38MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McSM C32FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Spinner
McSE3FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
McSE20MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneSawyer
BG25MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McAO38MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
MM A43FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneWorker in Flax Mill
KW E19MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneSolicitors Clerk General
BH69MalePresbyterianCo DownBlacksmith
GJ79MalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McCC61FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
DJ60MaleRoman CatholicCo LondonderryFlax Scutcher
HW82MalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarmer
MP42MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Scutcher
MJ43MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneStone Mason
McCA50FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneServant Domestic
RM66FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
MA66FemaleChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghFarm Servant
CJ47MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
GJ12FemalePresbyterianCo TipperaryScholar
SJ26MalePresbyterianScotlandRailway Shunter
HJ30MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarmer
O’NB49MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarmer
MH37MaleRoman CatholicCo DownFarm Labourer
DJ48MaleRoman CatholicCo DonegalFarm Labourer
VG V13FemaleChurch of IrelandCo LeitrimScholar
CI60MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McCM E5FemaleRoman CatholicCo CavanChild
CJ26MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Dresser
WA50FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneServant Domestic
PC28MaleRoman CatholicCo AntrimFarm Labourer
CS27FemaleRoman CatholicCo LondonderryLinen Weaver
CV3FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
McDJ50MaleRoman CatholicEngland, LiverpoolLabourer Farm
O’NP40MaleRoman CatholicCo CorkMusician
O’NE37FemaleRoman CatholicCo LondonderryMusician
KP33MaleAtheistCo WaterfordFarm Labourer
HD23MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
HM77FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneServant-Domestic
McGJ89MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Dealer
KA83FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
HJ72FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneServant-Domestic
McGA75FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
BJ37MalePresbyterianCo AntrimFarm Servant
RR A62FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneServant-Domestic
LP33FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneServant-Domestic
LE9FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneScholar
LR5MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneScholar
BR76FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
HE63FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
HM75FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
Mc QC67FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
BC51MaleChurch of IrelandCo DublinInter Classical
O’NB66FemaleRoman CatholicCo CavanLinen Weaver
HH44FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneLinen Weaver
HP11MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
Mc AI41FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Spinner
WJ59MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneTailor
Mc CM34FemaleRoman CatholicCo ArmaghFarm Servant
McCM9FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
McCF6FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
CM71FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
McKB45FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFlax Spinner
CJ30MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneTailor
LI6MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
LB31FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneMillworker-Flax
LJ10MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
LI6MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
LM A1FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
GJ60MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneStone Mason
CP57MaleRoman CatholicCo ArmaghFarm Labourer
WE61FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneLinen Weaver
RI35FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneLinen Weaver
RJ2MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
DE10FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
DM A8FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
KF51MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
CJ72MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneLinen Weaver
SP70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McKM29FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
McKJ7FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
Mc AM A1FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
DJ70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChimney Sweep
DJ12MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
DM12FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
DJ11FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
Mc SJ68MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneSlater
BG55MaleChurch of IrelandCo DownPainter
SM53FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
LW J68MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Labourer
HJ67MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneCar Driver
KM68FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneLinen Weaver
II48MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
FF78MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McKI80MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarmer
McCR88FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneLinen Weaver
PM83FemalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Servant
Mc GE78MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarmer
JJ58MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneWhitesmith
McGP58MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
JM82FemalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Servant
Mc BA68MalePresbyterianCo AntrimSchool Teacher
GI77FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneDomestic Servant
O’HP46MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
SS59FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneDomestic Servant
McCB37FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
McCM14FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
McCJ J13MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
HM45FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneWorker in Linen Factory
HM10FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
HE7FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneScholar
PA25FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
PM E4FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneScholar
CJ70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
CM58FemalePresbyterianCo TyroneFarm Servant
QJ30MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
GA57MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Labourer
Mc AJ69FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneWorker in Linen Factory
WJ60MaleChurch of IrelandCo DerryFireman in Linen Factory
BJ33FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
BJ14MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneScholar
BI4FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneScholar
LF70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
McCH55MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneCoal Miner
Mc SM35FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
Mc SF4MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneChild
Mc LJ62MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
MR74FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneMendicant
QP76MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
AJ76MaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Labourer
HE57FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Servant
NJ63MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
DH71MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneFarm Labourer
CJ39MaleMethodistCo TyroneFarm Labourer
GM52FemalePresbyterianEngland, LiverpoolFarm Servant
LJ53MaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneCar Driver
HE32FemaleChurch of IrelandCo TyroneFarm Servant
HM77FemaleRoman CatholicCo TyroneServant-Domestic
KA60MaleRoman CatholicCo AntrimBlacksmith
Mc NJ33MaleChurch of IrelandCity BelfastLabourer
Mc NM34FemaleChurch of IrelandCo AntrimLinen Weaver
DJ70MaleRoman CatholicCo TyronePlasterer